Well, here’s a dilemma. If you get one of these, you don’t have to leave your desk to eat lunch. On the other hand, if you get one of these, you don’t have to leave your desk to eat lunch. See the problem? My first thought was, “Great! Now I can have a hot lunch without having to worry if I have access to the microwave when I want it!” But almost immediately on the heels of that was, “Wait. What if I don’t want to stay at my desk without a break for lunch?” I can’t decide.

What is also unclear is if you can keep cold food in this. Because if you have to have a separate bag to make sure your food doesn’t spoil, or if you have to get up because you put your lunch in the refrigerator, then this lunchbox warmer is pretty much useless as a time-saving device. What I can tell you is that it has two built-in warmers embedded in the bag itself which operate off a USB connection. It keeps the bag up to 122F (50C). I think where this would come in the most handy is if you order lunch and then get pulled away for some reason and can’t eat it immediately. Into the lunchbox warmer it goes, to be enjoyed warm when you have time.

The bag measures 7″ L x 5.5″ W x 4″ H and is compatible with both Windows and Mac (but of course…all it needs is a USB port; it’s not like it requires software to operate). If you want to try it out, you can pick one up for just $12.49 US (down from $23.95), which, by the way, is about five bucks cheaper than the lunch bag I just bought. But mine is purple leopard/tiger print and came with a water bottle. You’re jealous and you know it.

Source: Gadget Find

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