In the interest of saving money, the thermostat at my house never goes above 68.5F (~22C). As you might guess, this results in it pretty much always feeling considerably colder, especially at night and/or when I’ve been working on my computer (read: sitting) for an extended period of time. More than once, I have been known to put some gloves on because my fingers get so cold I can hardly type… and I normally am right around 90wpm. But regular gloves are really not conducive to accurate typing. Now, I finally find a solution to my problem, and while I don’t much care for how they look it doesn’t matter. Who’s going to see them in my living room?

The best part for me is that they’ve got cut-down fingers, yet they still keep your fingers warm enough to move easily. How they work is really pretty simple: just plug the USB connector into your computer, and they heat up. Nothing quite like having toasty warm palms and fingers while you work, right? They feature low energy consumption and power conservation, and are touted as being “safe and reliable”. Which I guess means they’re not supposed to set anything on fire because they’ve heated up too much.

They only come in black and white with a red stripe, and appear to be pretty fuzzy. The attached USB cord is 59 inches (150cm) long, so you should be able to move with ease while they’re plugged in. Well, providing you’re not like me and actually remember you’re attached to your computer before you head to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

You can make a pair of these yours for the ridiculously low price of $7.99 US…once they’ve become available again. No word on when that might be, unfortunately.

Source: Geek Alerts

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