Many people believe that the U.S. Government is run by men and women who are too old and out of touch with today’s young adults. This latest story from the US Department of Commerce certainly doesn’t help them in that regard.

Last year, the department had an issue with a bit of malware that was infecting its computers. In order to solve the problem and rid themselves of the infection, they ended up destroying over $170,000 worth of equipment. Now I said equipment, not computers. As completely unnecessary as it would be to destroy a computer over a software issue, the department also destroy mice, printers, and television.


Even the department’s own auditor pointed out that it was “clearly unnecessary.” In the end, it was found that malware had only infected two pieces of IT equipment. Apparently some members actually knew this, but a series of miscommunications led to the mind-boggling destruction that took place.

I can’t help but be reminded of this clip from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Happy Monday, everyone.

via The Verge

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