When I order a package, I absolutely obsessive over it. I check the tracking status constantly, and when it finally reads “out for delivery” I go bananas wondering where it actually is in its journey from the shipping center to my front door. Courier service UPS is offering more detailed information when it comes to tracking packages, but it’s not available for every delivery.

For now, at least, the new “Follow My Delivery” service on the UPS app that lets you track your package in real time is only available through UPS Air and UPS Worldwide Express deliveries. It allows you to see where the UPS driver is on the map, but it won’t show you their route (I assume for safety reasons), so you still won’t know exactly when the package will arrive. The app also allows you to reroute most packages during the delivery process if you need your package to go somewhere other than its original destination.

In an age where so many people do their shopping online, this is going to be a very welcome feature. I’ve lost a few packages through shipping and a feature like this really could have helped me figure out where my packages ended up. The companydoes plan on expanding this service to other delivery tiers in the future.

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