Ultra Unveils Carbon Fiber PC Chassis

LAS VEGAS – January 11, 2007 – Ultra Products, a global leader in technology solutions, today has unveiled a top-of-the-line carbon fiber case for PC enthusiasts and gamers. The new Ultra Carbon Fiber case with cast aluminum frame will be available with Ultra’s new line of gaming PCs and available for individual purchase later this month. Ultra Products will also offer a clear-window version for users who wish to showcase the case’s internal features and their own PC components, and will announce later this month a custom-paint program for users who wish to customize their own DIY rig with original artwork or designs.

The Ultra Carbon Fiber Case’s panels are made from carbon fiber composite. Carbon fiber is often used in aerospace and automotive fields, as well as in sailboats and modern bicycles, where the material’s strength-to-weight radio. Carbon fiber has been used as “trim” in the PC industry in the past, but this is the first time a PC case has been made almost entirely of carbon fiber.

The Ultra Carbon Fiber Case measures 20 ½” (height) x 19 ¾” (depth) x 8 ¼” (wide), and supports five 3.5” internal drives, two 3.5” external drives, and five 5.25” external drives.

For more information on Ultra Products and to view the company’s complete catalog, visit www.ultraproducts.com.

About Ultra Products

Ultra Products is a global, technology-solutions provider with headquarters in Fletcher, Ohio. The company strives to offer a wide range of solutions, products and services all with a common thread: Innovation, value and quality. It is Ultra’s mission to be the best provider of technology-solutions in the global market. By offering superior, innovative products and ensuring a high level of customer service, Ultra guarantees its customers receive an exceptional value in everything they do.

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