The Apple Watch is about to get a nice little upgrade, if analyst Ming-chi Kuo is to be believed (and she really should be). According to to Kuo, Apple is planning two new watch models for 2016. One is a small upgrade that will essentially be the same design with a few beefier components. The other is much more substantial.

The Apple Watch 2 will have the “same general design” but feature a GPS radio, barometer, thinner display, and a faster processor courtesy of TSMC. A larger battery will prevent Apple from slimming the the watch down. I imagine frustrated technicians surrounded by whiteboards full of math equations, sweating profusely and babbling about “making it work.”

That’s just for 2016. Another design with LTE support is expected in 2017, and a much bigger overhaul is expected in 2018. Apple will likely hold a press conference sometime in September, where we’ll find out how true any of this is. Kuo has a solid track record, so don’t be surprised if she’s on the money here.

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