Many newer cars come with Bluetooth audio as standard equipment, but what if your vehicle lacks this ability? Plugging your smartphone in with an auxiliary cable can work, but it’s also less than ideal because the cable can get finicky when you jostle it as you skip to the next track on Spotify. A more elegant solution is the TUNAI Firefly.

This handy little Bluetooth receiver has been available in Taiwan for a number of months already, but now it is expanding into the American market to make it easier for everyone to the music and podcasts they all love in a much more convenient way.

In effect, there are two parts to the Firefly: the 3.5 mm aux connection plugs into the audio input for your car’s stereo system, while the part that looks like a flash drive plugs into a USB port for power. Voila.


The elegance is in its simplicity. Other key features on this Bluetooth 4.0 device include the ability to remember up to 8 devices, auto-reconnecting when you turn your car back on, static noise filtering so you get clean audio throughout, and a “party mode” that lets you connect to two devices at the same time. Of course, you can also use this at home, in addition to in your car.

Pick up the TUNAI Firefly on Amazon for about $35 in a variety of colors and accessory kits. The “Car Pack” comes with a dual USB charger, while the “Home Pack” gets an RCA conversion cable. Video and press release are below.

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TUNAI debuts its best-selling Bluetooth receiver, FIREFLY, in the U.S.

Everything is going wireless, and FIREFLY is designed to transform your home or car audio systems into Bluetooth compatible speakers with just one plug. The product has been ranked #1 for 15 months in its hometown of Taiwan. Now, TUNAI brings this authentic and high-quality sound product to the U.S. and around the world.

 December 9, 2016TUNAI CREATIVE INC, a start-up founded in 2014 and consisting of talents from leading companies in Smartphone, Hi-Fi audio, wearable and financial industries, is releasing its first product – FIREFLY, the world’s tiniest Bluetooth receiver through in the United States. TUNAI sees the future of wireless audio, and aims to design products to make wireless connections simple and seamless in daily life.

Instead of spending additional money for new equipment with wireless capability, FIREFLY is designed to transform the existing car or home audio system into Bluetooth speakers with one plug. The product is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, compact and stylish. It features top grade audio technologies to preserve the authentic sound quality. Its noise filtering technology can remove static car noise, and the Party Mode allows your friends to play music at the same time. The button-less design makes the pairing just as easy as connecting to Wi-Fi, and reconnects automatically when powered on.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 support and backward compatible
  • AAC and MP3 compression technology
  • patent pending “Sound Revitalization Technology (SRT)”
  • Static noise filtering in car environment
  • Remembers up to 8 paired devices
  • Party mode allows connection with two devices at the same time
  • 10m or 33ft connection distance
  • Product dimension: 16.3×1.3×0.5 cm or 6.4×0.5x 0.2 inches
  • Weight: 100g or 0.3oz


1) stylish and compact design,

2) Plug and play.

3) authentic sound quality, in wireless

4) auto reconnect when engine starts and

5) Party Mode support – everyone can be DJ!

Stylish and compact design

FIREFLY is the world’s tiniest Bluetooth receiver and looks just like a USB cable with 3.5mm audio output. The USB is designed to supply power only, and sound goes into the audio system via 3.5mm output. Both ends of the FIREFLY are covered in anodized aluminum to give the product a modern metallic feel. A LED indicator is hidden at the tail of FIREFLY and glows like firefly when powered on. FIREFLY is available in black, red and gold.

Easy to use – just plug and play

Plug in, connect to the device, and FIREFLY is ready to play music. If your car or home audio system comes with a 3.5mm or AV/RCA audio input, FIREFLY can transform audio system into wireless in just a few seconds.


Authentic sound quality, in wireless

FIREFLY preserves the authenticity of sound using an advanced audio compression technology we call “Sound Revitalization Technology (SRT)”. Instead of the traditional low quality audio compression SBC technology, FIREFLY supports AAC & MP3 to minimize distortion when sound is compressed for streaming over the air. TUNAI unique patent pending “Sound Revitalization Technology, SRT” scans the received audio data, and rebuilds the distorted audio. TUNAI “Ground Noise Isolation Technology, (GNIT)” removes the noises caused by your cars electrical system by 99%1.


Auto reconnects

When used in most cars2, FIREFLY will be powered on when engine starts. It will start to search for previously paired devices in the available range. When found, it will automatically reconnect with the device.

Party Mode – everyone can be DJ!

Party Mode is another unique feature of FIREFLY, allowing two users to show and play music with their device in turns through FIREFLY without the disconnect than connect process..

Get FIREFLY on Amazon now. Starting from $ 34.99
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1: FIREFLY has been proved to successfully remove the automotive electrical noise by 99% in all model cars tested.

2: Auto reconnection may not be available for cars with power sequence of on -> off -> on when starting the engine.


Founded in 2014, TUNAI gathered talents from various leading technology companies in Taiwan and Germany. We see the future of wireless and sound, and aim to innovate Bluetooth products to facilitate the upgrades for our customers and make wireless connection simple and seamless.

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