I’ll spare you my really bad Meghan Trainor impression, but I really am all about that bass, ’bout that bass. If you’re all about that bass too, then you’ll want to take a look at the new TUNAI DRUM bass-enhanced audiophile earphones. They may look small and colorful on the outside, but they promise an epic-sized soundstage on the inside.

You may already be familiar with the TUNAI name. We’ve taken a look at the TUNAI FIREFLY and TUNAI CLIP Bluetooth adapters in the past. The thing is that neither of devices produce audio on their own, of course, so that’s where this new set of earphones comes into focus.

Perhaps the most notable feature on these “high-resolution” earphones are the larger drivers. With most other earphones of this kind of scale, you typically find small-to-medium sized drivers in order to maintain that smaller, in-ear size. The TUNAI DRUM takes on a more modified form factor in order to accommodate the larger 13mm dynamic driver. The net result, they say, is “richer, more powerful bass and wider soundstage.”

It helps that they look pretty great too, offered in your choice of Shadow Black, Sterling Silver, Shine Orange, Meadow Green or Turkish Blue. The main body and silicon ear inserts are primarily black, as is the oxygen-free copper cord for increased electrical conductivity and a more stable sound platform.

While the $9 Super Early Bird pledge level on the Kickstarter campaign page is already sold out, you can still get a TUNAI DRUM at the $15 early bird pledge level as of this writing. Delivery is expected in November.

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