For anyone who travels, whether it’s just to and from work or your job is to be on the road, you know how hard it is to get all your devices charged so they’re ready when you need them. Especially if you’re driving a long distance. This nifty little gadget will convert the power from your car’s cigarette lighter so you can charge Edison-powered devices with it! This may well be the neatest thing for charging on the road that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

Standard car power is 12V, but the Car Power Inverter converts that over to 110V for whatever you need to plug in (laptop, phone, digital camera, etc.). It can also power portable DVD players or other devices, which makes it ideal for parents taking children on road trips…no worries about your batteries dying at an inopportune time! In addition to the three regular outlets, it also has one USB outlet. I’m sure you can think of at least a half-dozen things you can plug into it.

Just as any power strip, it has protection features such as over-under voltage protection as well as output short circuit and overload protection. It also guards against temperatures that are too high and input polarity reverse. It measures 268 x 78 x 40mm and weighs just 370g, and is rated for 200W (surge up to 400W). It also has an internal cooling fan.

You can pick one up for you and anyone else you know who spends any length of time on the road for just $39.95 US.

Source: Gadget Find

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