Remember how glamorous the Hollywood ladies looked with their cigarette holders? Times have changed, and smoking is no longer considered glamorous; rather, it is viewed as a filthy, disgusting habit and those who still indulge are looked at askance by those around them. Many smokers are trying to quit, but it’s hard. The problem is half the world thinks that you can just stop smoking one day and never look back, but that’s just not how it works. There are seemingly endless smoking cessation products on the market, but Tosee is taking a different approach that just might work.

Tosee is a smart cigarette holder that doesn’t just act as a buffer between you and the cigarette (thus protecting your fingers from smelling bad), but it also analyzes and tracks exactly what chemicals and other cancer-causing agents are being inhaled into your lungs each time you puff. The sensors in Tosee link to an app (downloaded to your phone) via Bluetooth to track not just the number of cigarettes you’re smoking, but exactly what kind and how much of harmful substances go along with it.

In addition to tracking, Tosee lets you set custom targets, so you’ll get a warning if you’re smoking too much, and it can give you a clear picture of exactly how your smoking is affecting all aspects of your daily life. Check out the video for more details.


Of course, none of that will do you any good if you aren’t interested in quitting. But if you’ve been trying to quit for a while and haven’t been able to make it stick, odds are good you’ve already blown a ton of money on products that obviously haven’t helped. Why not give Tosee a try?

They’re currently seeking funding on Pozible, where a pledge of at least $59.00 US (plus $10.00 US for shipping outside of China) should see your Tosee heading your way this summer. There is just over a month left in the funding campaign and they’ve already reached their goal, so this should end up being a done deal.

Source: Gadget Review

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