Time From The Deep: Limited Edition Titanic Watches

Geneva watchmaker Romain Jerome revealed an exclusive “Titanic-DNA” collection at the renowned watch and jewelry fair of Basel, Switzerland. Made from original pieces of the “Titanic” ocean liner – purchased before the site of the wreckage was declared a protected zone – these watches are said to be for the collectors who “want a story to tell.”

Scavenging such a legendary sea grave to make horrendously expensive wares seems rather cynical, but the company’s chief executive insists, “It is a message of hope, of life stronger than death, of rebirth.” He also hinted that next year was going to see the release of a new collection commemorating another famous event, without giving any details on what it may be. And why not watches made with pieces of the “Hindenburg”? After all this airship was almost the same size as the “Titanic” and suffered an equally disastrous fate.

In the meantime, you can purchase one of these Titanic watches for $7,800 to $173,100 – at such prices, let’s hope that they’re waterproof!

Steel and coal from the Titanic have been transformed into a new line of luxury wristwatches that claim to capture the essence of the legendary oceanliner which sank in 1912.

Source: Boston.com

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