This was so absolutely ridiculous it pretty much leapt from the computer screen and demanded to be featured in a gadget post. Seriously. While it’s being billed as a means of saving your clothing in summer while eating ice cream, all I can think when I see it is if you’re so darn lazy you cannot manage to turn your own ice cream cone manually so you can lick all sides of it, perhaps ice cream should not be your first choice of snacks.

Anyway, this plastic ice cream cone holder comes in a variety of colours (although it doesn’t appear that you can choose which one you’ll get). You will need to provide two AA batteries in order to make it work…unless of course getting up to buy batteries is also too much exercise for you. Once you’ve got it powered, you just put your ice cream cone inside it and hit the button. Your cone will spin automatically, allowing you to lick it from all sides so it won’t drip on you. It’s even dishwasher safe, because heaven forbid you have to actually make an effort to wash it.

If my ridicule hasn’t put you off, you can add one of these to your personal collection for anywhere from $6.99 US to $10.50 US, depending on where you shop.

Source: Geek Alerts

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