At this point, we donít know a whole lot about Microsoftís smartwatch and what we do know has come from leaks instead of official announcements.

We know it has a big screen. Not big when compared to smartphones, but for something that goes on your wrist, itís a good sized screen. That might not be what most people want in a smartwatch, but at least Microsoft is veering from the typical smartwatch design.

The watch seems to run Windows, though whether it’s Windows Phone or Windows RT is unknown. The watch will use Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with other devices and the company has plans to connect it with a variety of other Microsoft products, including the Xbox One and Surface.

Itís loaded with sensors. Itís got a gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, and galvanic skin response sensor.

Lastly, Gadget Review seems to think we might see the watch very soon. With E3 going down, Microsoft is understandably putting all of their weight behind the Xbox One, but the smartwatch could be just around the corner.

I really donít know how I feel about smartwatches in general, but Microsoftís entry into the arena piques my interest the most, if only because theyíre trying to do so much with it and make it such a centerpiece of their vast electronics family. If only I used more Microsoft products, I might be itching to pick one up.

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