I almost bought an Xbox One right around when it first launched. The only reason why I wanted the next-gen console was so that I could play Killer Instinct. I resisted and the hyper combo fighting game has since been ported over to PC and I’m not actually playing it that much. If you can’t live without your Xbox though, you might want to full gamer with this new Xbox Onesie. Yes, it’s real and it’s spectacular.

Who knew that Microsoft wanted to get into the clothing business? The Xbox Onesie, which looks more like a hooded bathrobe to me, will keep you warm when your console isn’t heating up enough. There’s a hood to over your head and a couple of pockets too, one clearly designated to stash your controller and the other possibly for your TV remote. And then there’s a pocket on your sleeve for your smartphone too, in case you need to look up a walkthrough video on YouTube or tweet out your latest Achievement.

But you won’t just find Microsoft’s branding on this article of lounge wear. Oh no. Microsoft is giving you the option to embroider your Gamertag on the Xbox Onesie too, in case you’ve got multiple Xbox fanatics in your house. And let’s not forget about those “forearm grips” and rollable sleeves for when you get a little too hot and bothered.

Sadly, the Xbox Onesie is only available in Australia at the moment. Whether or not they’ll reveal a smaller and cheaper version in a couple years remains to be seen. Try not to spill your popcorn in anticipation.




Via Eurogamer and Press Start

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