Based on a similar chassis design to the M3800 Multimedia NAS, the new N3200PRO takes what was good in their previous product, N3200, and slaps a shiny new AMD Geode Processor into it. According to Thecus…

“The N3200 brought RAID 5 to the realm of home NAS units, and the N3200PRO is our follow up to this groundbreaking device,” says Thecus General Manager Florence Shih. “With an AMD GeodeTM processor at its core, users are really going to love the improved performance and system response of the N3200PRO.”

Well, of course no one likes a laggy NAS so I’ll definitely agree that improved performance and system response is a god thing. In addition to better performance, the new AMD Geode Processors are supposed to be better on the utility bill as well.

The N3200PRO will continue to offer a built in iTunes Server, DLNA Media Server, Photo Web Server and a built in Surveillance Server when paired with a compatible webcam. No price or released date was available from Thecus at this time, but they did tell me to send you to the Thecus Website. Another option would be their new RSS Feed Service in multiple languages.

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