Every year Computex brings you the future of technology by showing off the latest and greatest products. This year Thecus, the #1 producer of NAS in APAC from 2009 to 2010, is rolling out updates for their entire lineup. They will have everything from 2 bay to 16 bay NAS offerings on display.

If you are a home user or a professional business who needs safe, reliable, and easy to use storage arrays, Thecus has you covered. Home users will get Thecus professional grade technology and service at a competitive price.

The Xeon powered N12000 and N16000, as well as the Sandy Bridge Xeon-powered PRO versions, are the only NAS worldwide to support High Availability NAS cloning. This creates the first 100% available NAS environment with absolutely no breaks or delays in service in rain, shine, or Armageddon. Simply put, a business can have their entire NAS array backed up to several other arrays, instantaneously over a 10G base-T, so not even computer failure of the NAS will bring down your system. Everybody with storage needs wins!

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Thecus has ground its way to the #1 spot for Intel® NAS providers by being the first on the scene and giving people the most powerful NAS with the best functionality at an impossibly affordable price. In a recent In-Stat report, Thecus was also named the #1 producer of NAS in APAC and, from 2009-2010, jumped from being the #8 to being the #6 worldwide NAS producer, quickly closing in on household names such as Buffalo and Apple by the day. At Computex 2011 Thecus will have the groundbreaking XXX line on display and will introduce the new standard in NAS with models housing the most impressive advances of 2011 that you can only get from Thecus: Intel®’s  Sandy Bridge processors, High Availability NAS, and VMware iSCSI Virtual SANs.

Things to look for at Computex 2011 from Thecus:

  • All-New Intel® Sandy Bridge Processors and Bromolow Platform
  • The World’s First 100% High Availability Enterprise NAS Architecture
  • VMware iSCSI Functionality
  • 10G BASE-T For Enterprise Performance
  • A First-Hand Look at the Award Winning XXX Line of NAS and Thecus Firmware V5
  • New NVR for Home and Enterprise with NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics

Thecus NAS – Sandy Bridge power meets 100% HA and VMware iSCSI

Sandy Bridge Power – The three state-of-the-art NAS to boast Intel®’s new Sandy Bridge processors and Bromolow architecture are the brand-new 8-bay N8900 (Dual-Core i3 2120@3.3GHz), 12-bay and 16-bay N12000PRO and N16000PRO (Quad-Core Xeon E3-1280 @3.5GHz) NAS. These models are guaranteed to dominate the market with excellent results for consumers just like their predecessors. Thecus’s close relationship with Intel as an Intel Storage Community Member, one of Intel’s 20 largest worldwide strategic partners, and Intel’s #1 embedded NAS producer  has given Thecus priority in getting the latest hardware to make the best NAS on the market.

100% Availability with 10G BASE-T HA and VMware iSCSI SAN – The Xeon powered N12000 and N16000, as well as the Sandy Bridge Xeon-powered PRO versions, are the only NAS worldwide to support High Availability NAS cloning, creating the first 100% available NAS environment with absolutely no breaks or delays in service in rain, shine, or Armageddon. This function is also available over 10G BASE-T Ethernet for instantaneous heartbeat synchronization. These models are also the first in the NAS market to pass VMware iSCSI Certification for advanced business SAN setups.  These design functions have never been seen before in the NAS market and finally give businesses a true alternative to messy, bulky, budget-busting servers.

The Thecus N8900, N12000PRO, and N16000PRO offer powerful enterprise performance with the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors and Bromolow platform.

Extremely XXX – The series that brought Thecus to the #1 spot, the XXX series, is going to be on display to give users a first-hand look at the best home/SMB NAS on the market. Spanning from 2 all the way to 8 bays, this line just exudes extreme power, extreme functionality, and extreme value. Extreme power is a dual core Atom D525 running laps around lesser NAS. Extreme function is in the forefront with Firmware V5’s Piczza! photo server, EXT4 support, a a a user-friendly UI, and advanced iOS and Android connectivity with the ThecusShare and Thecus Dashboard apps. Extreme value is buying the best NAS on the market at a price that the competition simply can’t compete with.

Thecus and Netavis have cooperated to create an outstanding hybrid of powerful storage hardware and dominant system software that has captured the attention of the NVR market. Thecus is the first to bring digital IP surveillance solutions to the home, SMB, and enterprise markets powerful additions on both sides of the spectrum: the 2-bay NVR22 for home use and the 12-bay NVR120 and 16-bay NVR160 for enterprise use. All Thecus VisoGuard NVR run Netavis’s Observer 4.0, the surveillance software that has taken European, American, and Asian markets by storm with its ease of use, data protection, and unparalleled iCAT video analytics that are simply not available anywhere else. They also support hundreds of cameras from 20 major brands as well as ONVIF compatible cameras to give users an expansive choice of new cameras and the ability to continue using old cameras without compatibility issues. This is the future of NVR and will be available for test drives at Thecus’s Computex booth.

Thecus NVR Features

  • All-in-One System Integration
  • Multi-Screen Operation
  • Multiple Format Support
  • Enhanced Camera Views and Remote PTZ
  • Motion Detection
  • Data Protection Algorithm
  • Event Management System
  • HTTPS Support (Optional)
  • Enhanced Built-In iCAT Video Analysis (Optional)
  • Adaptive Balanced Streaming (Optional)

Come experience the future of NAS and NVR with Thecus at Computex 2011, booth K416.

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