World's First 2000 Watt Power Supply by ULTRA Products

FLETCHER, OH – January 3, 2006 – Ultra Products, a global leader in technology solutions, today announces that it will unveil the world’s first 2000W ATX Power Supply Unit for the PC at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Ultra X3 Modular 2000W PSU has a footprint similar to some competitors’ 1000W units (just 10.25 inches) and is 80% efficient under typical loads. The 2000W X3 will be available to consumers sometime in early 2007. The product will be on display at the ShowStoppers media showcase at the Wynn Hotel on Monday night, January 8th.

“It’s not so much that we believe personal computers today need as much as 2000W of power,” explains George Ali, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ultra Products. “In fact, most household circuits can’t even provide the AC power this unit would require in order to put out 2000W of DC power. But there’s the always-inevitable questions of ‘Do I have enough power?’ or ‘Does my power supply have enough juice where my high end components need it.’ That is why we have put together this 2000W unit; as the end all of power supplies as far as DC output goes. With as much as 1800W available on the 12V alone, there should be no concern whatsoever that there is enough power available for quad core, quad GPU or large drive arrays.”

Highlights of the new Ultra X3 Modular PSU include…

  • Modular Design – Patented technology helps reduce clutter by using only the cables you need. This not only increases airflow within the case, but it gives the inside of the case a clean professional look.
  • Power Protection – Short circuit protection, in-rush current protection, and thermal overload cutoff protection – covering all protection needs for your system.
  • Warranty – Register your product online and receive a lifetime warranty.

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About Ultra Products

Ultra Products is a global, technology-solutions provider with headquarters in Fletcher, Ohio. The company strives to offer a wide range of solutions, products and services all with a common thread: Innovation, value and quality. It is Ultra’s mission to be the best provider of technology-solutions in the global market. By offering superior, innovative products and ensuring a high level of customer service, Ultra guarantees its customers receive an exceptional value in everything they do.

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