The USB Cables that stay bent

Ever have problems with managing your USB cables? Well, one of the things that I hate is how they end up uncoiling themselves leaving a mess or just not staying where I’ve placed them. One company seems to have solved this problem in a somewhat ingenious way using a cable construction that allows the cable to stay where you bend it. These might be the best behaved USB cables you’ll ever use.

The crew at Futurelooks snapped this shot for us during the COMPUTEX 2008 Press Conference. The company, that manufacturers them goes by the name of “Sonnenchein Ind Co Ltd.” though I’m sure it won’t be long till some company out there rebrands them and markets them under some snazzy name. The technology, known as “Twist a Cable Memory Technology” can be applied to other products as well so we might even see power cables take the shape that you put them in.

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