I think I’ve said something like this before, but every now and then a product comes along that makes you really take notice of the fact that we’re in the future. And I don’t mean the technical future, which we’re always in because that’s just how time works, but the science fiction “future.” We may not have flying cars yet, but now we have laser razors.

The Skarp Laser Razor still has 20 days to go on its Kickstarter but has blown past its goal of $160,000 with $829,728. Just as the very catchy name suggests, it’s a “razor” that uses a laser to melt through hair rather than cutting it, which means no more scratches, razor burn, itching, irritation, cutting, you name it. It cuts closer for a smoother feel that will last longer between shaves.

If you’re not sold on the practicality and the sheer novelty of it, then maybe you’ll appreciate the environmental benefits. Discarded razors create a lot of waste that can’t be recycled and repurposed due to health risks, so they just end up in land fills and garbage dumps. And not only willthe Skarp Laser Razor cut down on waste, it cuts down on water usage as well because you don’t need to use any water with it (though it does work with water if you shave in the shower or tub).

The first two early bird tiers on the Kickstarter are already sold out, but if you act fast you can still pre-order one for $159.

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