I sit at a computer for the better part of a day. Unsurprisingly, I’m also out of shape. I know all too well the dangers of eating popcorn and using a keyboard and mouse. Nobody wants to get grease all over their PC accessories, but is the problem serious enough to warrant an (I assume) pricey, high-tech solution? Popcorn, Indiana thinks so.

Popcorn, Indiana is a company centered around popcorn. It’s also an unincorporated community in the state of Indiana. I don’t know how they’re connected, but let’s just get back to what makes sense: a machine that flings popcorn into your mouth via voice command. The Popinator, a small-ish red box filled with popcorn, automatically shoots a kernel of delicious popped corn into your mouth when it registers the “pop” voice command.

Details are scarce and we don’t yet know what these are going to cost or if they’re even being made for commercial use. The idea is beyond wild and raises plenty of questions, but I only have one: will it work with Cheetos? I get Cheetos dust everywhere.

via Engadget

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