As you may have noticed, we’re over here in Taiwan for Computex Taipei. This is one of the world’s largest trade shows and exhibitions related to consumer electronics, information technology, computers, and all that jazz. We’re working hard to bring out the latest and coolest news from the show. You’ll also want to keep a keen eye on our sister site, Futurelooks, for more Computex coverage.

For example, the first big article went up on Futurelooks covering the Asus press conference. Perhaps the most monumental unveiling during that event was the Asus Padfone, a device that marries a smartphone with a tablet device. But wait. There’s more.

Check out the Computex 2011 playlist on the MTN YouTube channel. We’ll keep uploading more videos to that channel with coverage from all sorts of different companies, offering all sorts of different products. Right now, we have three additional videos from after the Asus press conference, highlighting the Padfone, the MacBook Air-challenging UX Series, and the iMac-fighting ET2700XVT all-in-one. And yes, booth babes too.

Click here to see our Computex 2011 playlist.

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