This was a little too awesome not to report. I haven’t played with LEGO in years, but even when I did, I never really used the provided instructions with any pre-designed kit. It was all about taking that bucket filled with random pieces and using my imagination to construct something new altogether.

But I never made something quite like this.

This is about as epic as it gets. First, you start with the LEGO pieces. Then, they are made into the form of the classic Nintendo Game Boy, complete with the right color scheme for all the different pieces. There’s even a slot in the back for the AA batteries. But that’s not enough…

This LEGO Game Boy is also a Transformer, turning into the famed Soundwave Decepticon. Those AA batteries turn into guns and the Game Boy screen is front and center on his chest.

But even that’s not enough. You see that Tetris cartridge? That’s also made of LEGO and it also transforms, turning into Laserbeak.

We’ve seen everything from a fully functional LEGO computer to a LEGO-making machine that is itself made of LEGO, but for pure nostalgic awesomeness, this creation by Julius von Brunk seriously takes the cake.

via MOCpages

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