Usually Canada is behind the eight ball when it comes to the Flip Video launches. Last time, it was over two years till the first Flip Video camcorders hit the Canadian market. This time however, the process has sped up considerably as the Canucks have caught up to the Yanks in just a few months. We assume now that the only thing we can blame for future delays are the production of French instruction manuals for the Canadian version.

The Futurelooks Crew was onhand to cover the Canadian launch of the latest Flip Video recorders. Here’s a quick one with Karen Sohl, the head marketing honcho of the whole Flip Video line up…

So now Canada is completely up to date with their US counterparts. More details on the new products are below.

New UltraHD Family

The world’s best-selling shoot-and-share video family – the Flip Video UltraHD – now offers two new models with even more reasons to own one. For the first time, the UltraHD line will offer personalization through the Flip Online Store ( with thousands of designs for users to create a video camera showcasing their own personal style. Along with always-on image stabilization and newly enhanced 720p/60 fps video quality, the new Flip Video UltraHD 2 hour also features a new design that fits easily in a pocket or purse.  The UltraHD 2 hour is the first Flip video camera to feature FlipPort™ – a proprietary Flip-designed connector enabling new add-on options as part of the newly announced Designed for Flip™ accessory program.

The new Flip Video UltraHD 1 hour camera, priced at $159.99, is an industry top-seller and consumer favourite. This Flip offers more for less: one hour of high-quality HD video; Flip simplicity, no-hassle built-in memory; plus a choice of white or thousands of unique designs.

New Flip MinoHD Line

The new MinoHD 1 hour and 2 hour video cameras are sleek and stylish with enhanced HD video quality. Like the new UltraHD line, the new MinoHD video cameras now feature the built-in image stabilization and 720p/60 fps combination allowing consumers to capture incredibly clear and steady video.  Flip customers can opt for black, silver or from thousands of designs at the Flip Online Store ( To express their own personal style, consumers can easily upload their own image to create a one-of-a-kind Flip MinoHD video camera.

New Designed for Flip and FlipPort™

The all-new Designed for Flip line will debut several products planned for availability in Canada in 2011. A key component of the Designed for Flip initiative is a new Flip Video feature called FlipPort™.  The FlipPort is a uniquely developed connector found on the bottom of the new Flip UltraHD 8 GB/2 hour video camera — also announced today — that will become a standard feature on future generations of Flip video cameras.  The FlipPort, will allow a range of specialized accessories to easily plug right in to Flip video cameras and open up a world of new uses and creativity for consumers.

For more information on what’s happening with Flip Video products in Canada, you can check out: and of course, more pictures of the new stuff below.

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