Ah, summertime. When outdoor festivals and other reasons to go camping are in abundance, and people tend to spend their weekends if not longer in tents. But what if you’re at a crowded music festival (or you’ve gone to Burning Man, for instance), and when you get done watching the show or mingling with friends, you look out over a sea of tents and think to yourself there is no way you’re ever going to find yours. Some of us, particularly those who may have indulged in a few too many adult beverages during our celebration, might just forget about it and sleep wherever there’s a space. Others might wander around among the tents, bothering the other campers, in hopes of finding their own.

The smart ones will have come prepared with a TentFinder. The unit you leave in your tent contains 23 LED lights, which is bright enough that if you miss it, you’ve got far larger problems. All you need to do is carry the remote with you, and once you are within 50 meters of your tent it will make the device light up. And then you’re home free!

It gets better. If you happen to be one of those folks with an iPhone, there is a TentFinder app! You don’t even need the remote, just your phone. This is even better, because it’ll log the location of your tent via GPS, which means you don’t have to be within 50 meters to find your temporary home. You can also use the app to log other locations, such as the restrooms that actually flush instead of the porta-potties you can see.

My niece and I are heading to a pretty huge music festival for a weekend this fall. I may need one of these. Not that I intend to do anything silly, but then no one ever intends to use their insurance, either.

The TentFinder device will run you $29.95 US or 19.99. The app is $0.99/0.69.

Source: Red Ferret

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