We get it T-Mobile, you’re the uncarrier. You do crazy stuff that sets you apart from the competition, all at the hands of T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Now they’ve taken another step towards sweetening the pot – they’re giving company to stock to the customers, both new and old.

Those on postpaid plans with T-Mobile (and not MetroPCS) will get one share of company stock (currently valued at $43.62), and that includes new customers who sign up to get the deal. If you refer a friend, you get another share, up to 100 shares per year. If you’ve been with the company for at least five years, you get two shares per friend signed up. So if you’ve got a silver tongue, you could be earning over $4,300 a year for getting friends to sign up.

Legere also announced T-Mobile Tuesdays, a rewards program in which customers get something free every Tuesday, whether it be food, movie tickets, gift cards, subscriptions, or something else. The first week’s freebie is tickets to go see Warcraft in theaters.

Remember, T-Mobile isn’t just any old carrier, they’re the uncarrier.

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