No wonder company CEO John Legere is looking pretty happy (albeit perpetually stressed) these days. He just blew his mind again. Hot on the heels of learning that T-Mobile offers the fastest 4G network in America, it has now been named by J.D. Power as the full-service wireless carrier with the highest level of overall customer satisfaction.

So, customers are getting faster speeds and better service. That whole “Un-carrier” approach seems to be working.

Quick to pat his own back (and the backs of his team members) through the T-Mobile Issues & Insights Blog, President and CEO John Legere says they “crushed it” and all they “really did was get out of their way.” The customer care team “want to deliver the best care” and to do that, they just “had to get rid of the crap that was getting between our amazing customer care team and our customers and then let them go for it!”

T-Mobile earned a score of 802 out of 1,000 in the “overall customer care index.” That narrowly beats out the score of 800 earned by AT&T, but some distance ahead of Verizon (786) and Sprint (755).


Customer satisfaction among those with full-service carriers is understandably a little higher than with non-contract providers. The winner in that segment is Virgin Mobile with a score of 770; TracFone brings up the rear with a score of 689.

For more detailed information about the report and about the status of the wireless industry as a whole, peep the source link below.

Via JD Power

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