For a lot of people, their phone is part of their identity. It’s your most trusted gadget, one in which you store all of your personal information – for better or worse – and you take it with you wherever you go. Wouldn’t it be cool, then, if your phone had an image of your face engraved on the back?

Well, if you’re Russian President Vladimir Putin, you’re in luck!

The beautifully-named Supremo Putin is a gold-plated iPhone with Putin’s likeness engraved into the back, with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin circled around it. The phone was made by Caviar Italy, who are no strangers to luxury handsets made with a variety of expensive, exotic materials. It’s the 64GB model of the iPhone 5S and offers a anodized buttons, an optional varnished wood case with black velvet, and again, Vladimir Putin’s face.

It’s a strange little device, made even stranger by the fact that it was designed by an Italian company. The device can be purchased for $4,317 USD but remember, in Russia, smartphone dial you.

I just had to. I’m sorry.

via Slash Gear

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