It was announced in mid-January that Super Mario Run will be coming to Android in March, some three months after its iOS release. Some have argued against the $10 price tag, saying that the game would fare better as a proper free-to-play or freemium title. After Nintendo's third-quarter earnings call, I'd say that Nintendo feels pretty confident in their decision.

According to the company, Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 78 million times, and more than five-percent of those users have paid to unlock the full game, earning Nintendo over $53 million in revenue from just iOS downloads.

With the game coming to Android in March, and with new features like Easy Mode, Nintendo stands to make a lot more money from the game, so I'm sure they're brushing aside arguements over the game's price. The company has asked gamers to weigh in on a potential sequel, but after such financial success, I can't imagine they'd mess with the price structure.

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