Announced alongside the iPhone 7, Super Mario Run is a very important title for all parties involved. With the noted exception of Miitomo, this game represents the first time that Nintendo is taking one of its top tier IPs to mobile and not on one of their own portable game consoles. But how does the game even work?

When Super Mario Run was revealed several months ago, we were given the impression that it was a Mario-themed infinite runner. It borrows some elements from Temple Run (except it’s a side-scroller), some inspiration from Jetpack Joyride, and maybe a dash of Canabalt, all themed under the Mario style. Now, Nintendo has released a more comprehensive walkthrough video that demonstrates some of the other key elements.

For example, Mario will automatically leap over Goombas, so you don’t die by running into them. He’ll also hop over small gaps automatically. All you need to do is tap the screen to jump, wall jump and perform more complex maneuvers. There are also some in-stage elements that result in super jumps or reversing direction. Check out the video below with its less than enthusiastic narration for more.

Super Mario Run dashes its way into the App Store on December 15th (that’s only one week away!) and it will set you back a cool $9.99. That makes it one of, if not the cheapest new Mario launch prices ever, but this is also the first time our Mushroom Kingdom Crusader has officially graced the touchscreen display of a smartphone. And it’ll be a lot easier to nab than the increasingly elusive but undeniably cute NES Classic Edition.


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