You know how everyone had to have a juicer? And then a smoothie maker? Well, I’m going back to childhood and getting a Slushie maker.

Sure, I could go to 7-Eleven with everyone else, but often that’s not an option. Besides, I’m fairly certain 7-Eleven won’t let me add alcohol to their concoctions… and I’m a margarita kind of girl. I suppose the kids will enjoy it when they come over as well. Imagine how many “cool aunt” points I’ll get now!

The package contains simply the Slushie machine and a drip tray. You add ice, some table salt, and your choice of drink, put the top on it, and blend. It even has a pour spout so you can fill your glass with little or no mess! You’ll have to be a little patient, though, as it’s on pre-order until February 24th. After that, you can get one for £49.95. It should arrive just in time for truly warmer weather.

Source: CoolestGadgets

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