Are we alone in the universe? It's a question that has plagued humanity for decades, centuries and even millennia. The truth is out there ... or might be here, on Earth. More specifically, some mysterious circles have appeared across the globe and they could point toward an extraterrestrial presence in our midst. And embedded below is some of video footage of strange alien sightings witnesses have captured. What could it be?

There's something special and symbolic about the perfect circle. It has no beginning and no end, so the circle has come to represent eternity. There are no hard edges or corners, so the circle has come to mean unity or peace. Camera lenses are circular, but then again, so are flying saucers, alien eyeballs and tractor beams. And these strange crop ... no ... mystery circles could have an entirely different meaning altogether.

They could be a sign of an impending attack from outside beings that are possibly far more powerful than we are. Witnesses are reporting some paranormal activity in and around Hackney Marshes, Rio de Janeiro and New York but they just can't explain it.

And so, they've turned to us, the online community for some help.

There seems to be some connection to football, but what does football have to do with supernatural beings and strange crop circles? Participate in the ongoing investigation and engage in the conversation by using the hashtag #WINNERTAKESEARTH wherever you use hashtags. Some people are even saying that if you visit these locations in the next week, you could witness the mystery for yourself.

Go ahead. Watch the video. How do you explain these inexplicable phenomena?

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