You know, aside from this whole exploding battery issue, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is an otherwise stellar smartphone. Except we can’t really downplay how important it is to have a smartphone that doesn’t blow up in your hands and light your Jeep on fire. It’s also nice if you can use your phone on a plane. Thankfully, Samsung has a plan. Or rather, a stop-gap measure to minimize the risk in the meantime.

As you sit around twiddling your thumbs and waiting for your replacement, Samsung will be pushing out a software update that will limit the charge on the Note7 battery to just 60 percent. Why? The assumption is that limiting the charge should also help to prevent the phone from catching on fire, since charging to full (and possibly over-charging) is what is causing the battery to blow up in the first place.

Of course, cutting 40% out of your expected battery life is no long-term solution and you’ve still got a ticking time bomb under that svelte glass hood. The software update is currently only being planned for South Korea and will start getting pushed out on September 30th. There’s a good chance that if the recall process takes much longer that they’ll push this update out to other markets too in an effort to spread out the phone returns.

You have to remember that they sold 2.5 million of these potentially combustible wonders. That’s a lot of phones to replace.

Via AP

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