A little over ten years ago, Steam Valves digital distribution platform was released for Windows and has since completely changed the way we play PC games. On December 13th this upcoming Friday Valve will attempt to alter the very way we interact with PCs by releasing SteamOS.

Valve will be shipping out 300 prototype Steam Machines to various fans, and those machines will be loaded with the Linux-based Steam operating system. When they ship those units, theyll also be making SteamOS downloadable for the rest of us.

There is a big caveat, however. According to Valve, the new operating system isnt quite ready for everyone, and only those well-versed in the ways of Linux will have much luck with it. They advise everyone else to wait until later next year to try out the platform. Still, even for those like myself who know nothing about Linux, this is an exciting development, as well soon get a lot of hands-on impressions to read.

Via The Verge

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