Summer’s coming, and with it comes grilling. And if you’re the one with the best yard, or the pool, or deck, or whatever it is that makes your friends seem to always find a reason for you to host, then you need these. Because who wants to have to constantly monitor the steaks when your friends are having fun?

Sure, you can use a regular meat thermometer, but this one bears in mind that you may also have consumed an adult beverage or six, so instead of having to remember and then read actual temperatures, it just has three sections with the different steak doneness on them. That’s it. When you put your steak on the grill, stick the Steak Button in it. Now all you have to do is worry about your friends drinking all your beer. And remember…no matter how idiot-proof the thermometer, nothing will help your steak if you don’t remember to look at it every now and then.

A set of four will only cost you $20.00 US. If you have more than four friends, it’s easy to afford more than one set.

Source: Gizmodo

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