It’s becoming less prevalent, but I’m sure if you travel at all you’ve run into dead areas for cell phone reception… especially if you spend any time at all out in the woods, or in lesser-populated areas in general. Now, some of us go to those areas specifically to escape being able to be reached by technology, but sometimes you need to be able to use your phone even in the middle of nowhere. Until now, you were pretty much out of luck, but there’s a nifty little fairly affordable gadget that can help you out.

SPOT Connect by Spot is a small device that will connect your cellphone to communication satellites using Bluetooth and the SPOT app. This means no matter where you are, your call for help, your Twitter update, your Facebook status, even short emails won’t be thwarted by your lack of signal. If typed, your messages can be up to 41 characters, or you can choose to use one of the 120-character, predefined messages. It also has several helpful features: SOS sends a signal to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center, which will then broadcast your request for help to the appropriate agencies across the world. Its Help function will request assistance from your family or friends every five minutes for up to an hour. You can also let your family know you’re OK with its Checkin/OK feature, which sends a predefined email including your GPS coordinates. If you’re off on an adventure, your family can use the Track Progress feature which will tell them exactly where you are using Google maps.

In addition to the device price of about $135.00 US, you’ll need to subscribe to a yearly service (I can’t find what price that will be) in order for it to work for you.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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