Last year, Lexus took on the ambitious project known as ‘Amazing in Motion’, the brand philosophy that lives at the core of everything they do. They wanted their ethos of design and craftsmanship to come to life in ways that go beyond expectations. They wanted it to become performance art. At the outset of the program, Lexus created two dramatic short films using rising directors and gripping storylines.

For this, the third installment in the series, they are doing something entirely different altogether.

The idea of a human sculpture that led people on a fantastic journey through a city was born, and soon after green-lighted. The concept is titled ‘Strobe’ and it was brought to life by award-winning director Adam Berg.

“This was a project about recreating movement without gravity, hindrances or boundaries.” explained Berg.

Using Kuala Lumpur as his canvas, he outfitted dozens of performers in hand-stitched ‘light suits’ and suspended them in full pose from high-tension wires placed all across the city. The preparation for this piece of performance art brought almost as much attention as the execution of it itself.

As night fell, an amazed populace watched on as Berg’s human sculpture came to life in a flash of neon light. One by one the lights came on, taking the viewers on an incredible, acrobatic journey above the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur.

It was a spectacle like no other and one that took the world’s stage for one night and beyond.

This spectacular piece of performance art and more can be viewed here.

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