How many times have you let your dinner go cold because the lighting wasn't quite right for your Instagram post? How many times have you hesitated to share that adorable picture of your baby because your "cozy" living room looked like an absolute war zone? Yeah, social media can put a lot of pressure on us to keep up with the "Facebook version" of our friends. But IKEA thinks you should just relax. Just do you.

We are constantly seeking recognition and validation from our peers online. Look at me! Be proud of me! Acknowledge that I am making the right decisions in life! Truth be told, expectations are all around us. They come from our parents, society and even ourselves. But who said you had to live up to those expectations? Just do what you want to do. And be proud of it.

Look at our buddy up there. With his epic beard and unbuttoned plaid shirt, you might swear he's a lumberjack or some guy who works at a construction site. Or maybe he's a barista from your local hipster coffee joint. It doesn't matter. When he has guests over at his place, whether they're diving into tomahawk steaks or tofu tacos in gluten-free tortillas, he's going to embrace his inner origami master with his fantastic napkin folding skills.

There's no shame in being whoever you want to be and your place should reflect that too. Think your apartment is too small to entertain? Think again. Be creative with versatile furniture and vertical space. Floating shelves are perfect for your smart speakers, streaming smooth jazz to set to mood.

This notion of societal expectations certainly isn't new. Even high lords sought the approval of the common folk. Watch this video to see what I mean.

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