Who doesn’t have stress these days, what with global financial crises, wars on several fronts, revolutions and uprisings seeming to crop up on a weekly basis, and just general everyday life? We all could use a way to relax at home without breaking the bank, and this just might be the solution we’ve all been looking for.

The Todai Lighthouse Lamp is modeled after Japan’s lighthouses. It uses a heat convection turning system for its photo lens, which requires no motor (and thus no additional noise). There are five colour filters, from which you can create 15 patterns, each of which has its own benefits. They can make you feel happy, curb your appetite, calm you, rest your eyes, and help your concentration. You can also add your favourite essential oils to the lamp for aromatherapy while you relax under the pretty colours. The bonus here is that there is no flame, so you don’t need to worry about your stress-reducing lamp making a stress-inducing fire should you happen to fall asleep while relaxing.

Now for the technical stuff: The lamp uses 100V 50-60Hz, 15W; turning intervals are adjustable between 4-22 seconds; it measures 19.6cm (7.7″) high and weighs about about 667g (23.5 oz); the bulb is an E12 (G25 size), 110V/15W (clear); and it includes the lens and colour filters (blue, green, orange, red, pink x2 each). You can pick one up for $271.00 US with a shipping cost of $53.00 US. It is made entirely in Japan.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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