I feel like a lot of people aren’t aware that wearable computers, namely onces you wear on your wrist, are a thing now. The Pebble watch got a lot of press due to its success on Kickstarter, but Sony released the Sony SmartWatch last year as well, which sold well enough to justify the Sony SmartWatch 2, which is headed to market later this year.

Like its predecessor, the SmartWatch 2 is powered by Android. Unlike its predecessor, and unlike anything else like it, the SmartWatch 2 takes advantage of NFC technology. Sony also claims the battery life is longer than any other smart watch. The screen is 1.6 inches with 220 x 176 pixels and can be used to access email, text messages, phone calls, social networking, and a slew of Android applications. The watch is also rated IP57, which means it can be submerged in up to a meter of water, which is laughable compared to the 165 feet of water the Pebble can withstand.

The SmartWatch 2 — with a bigger screen, color display, and (supposedly) longer battery life — could give the Pebble a run for its money. However, the Pebble supports iOS, while the SmartWatch 2 can only pair with Android phones. That’s a make-or-break for iPhone users.

Then there’s Apple’s iWatch, which could hit months from now or years from now, depending on who you listen to. Listening to the news and rumors coming from Apple, one thing is clear: they’re taking their time to ensure they release a quality product.

No price has been announced yet for the SmartWatch 2, but a September release date has been rumored. The first SmartWatch debuted at $150 before dropping to $100.

via IGN

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