Sony is finally getting their folly under some kind of control. It would seem the Playstation Network will be back up some time this week to the elations of many PS3 owners. Obviously just bringing the network back online with mandatory password changes is not enough, so let’s look at what Sony is offering their customers to apologize.

First, PSN will be brought back online in phases. The first phase will bring back access to account management, friend lists, chat services, Playstation Home, Qriocity, access to unexpired movies, games that require online verification will function, and downloaded games will work.

Now to apologize for their complete and utter failure to maintain security, all PSN users will receive 30 day unlimited access to Qriocity music, 30 day trail of Playstation Plus, and select Playstation entertainment downloads for free (content will vary based on your region). This too is only phase one and Sony stated they expect to release additional “Welcome Back” gifts in the coming weeks.

There seems to be a lot of holes in their “Welcome Back” program. Qriocity is a streaming only service, so you can’t keep anything after the trail. Playstation Plus comes off as a giant advertisement platform in the guise of a premium service, once again with tangible rewards not guaranteed. Finally, the select Playstation entertainment free download content is vague and worded using very “legal” terms. It could be anything from a free game to access to a downloadable game for 30 days.

What about the PSN users who already pay for these services, or if the free content is a game people already own? Do they get alternate apologizes? I guess we will see how Sony responses to these rather obvious issues soon enough.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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