I was going to finish that with “to…”, but I realized the short form works well. You know the people I mean. The ones who as you listen to them talk you’re amazed they remember to breathe? Who are so ignorant it’s sometimes physically painful to even consider correcting them? An actual post from a cooking forum I frequent: I’m out of breadcrumbs, but I have bread. How can I make that work?

Seriously. I’m going to quick get these reviews posted so I can go beat my head against a wall.


bit-tech starts us off with Section 8

Legit Reviews gets into some Kingston HyperX DDR3 4GB 2133MHz Memory

XSReviews gets its hands on the Roccat Valo

hardCOREware jumps in on the Intel Core i7 and Core i5 Lynnfield CPU

Technic3D examines the FSP Everest 80+ 600W PSU

Motherboards.org saves some energy with the PC Trickle Saver

TweakNews chills out with the Zalman CNPS9900 LED Intel I7 CPU Cooler

PCShopTalk spends some time with the Antec MX-1 Actively Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure

TrustedReviews checks out the Lexmark Interpret S405 – Wireless Inkjet All-in-One

Benchmark Reviews sits down with the MSI Wind Top AE2010 Desktop

And to finish us off for now, PureOverclock tests the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse

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