As I’m sure you are by now completely aware, I have been on a quest to find the perfect alarm clock for the better part of my adult life. Particularly this week, as I’ve had to get up at 5am for more days in a row than I care to think about. Almost all of them look very promising, but in the end they all eventually leave me sleeping when I really need to be awake.

Still not sure if Snap Me Up is a good idea or a perfectly horrific one, to be honest.

Snap Me Up is a free Android app that works just like pretty much every other alarm for your phone in that you can set it for various times, one time only, Monday through Friday, or repeating on the same day each week. You can also choose various sounds with which to wake up. All of this is standard alarm procedure, but then it goes off in a whole new, somewhat disturbing, direction.

You have to take a selfie to shut off the alarm. And you can’t fool it by taking a picture of just anything; it uses facial recognition software to determine if you’re taking a picture of your dog or if it really is a picture of you, just waking up. If you don’t snap a selfie, Snap Me Up will not stop making noise until you do. Or, you know, until you throw your phone against a wall and make it stop.

Not only that, but it saves those selfies to a special album so you can share them with your friends. If you have friends like mine, the idea of seeing their “just woke up” face will quite frankly scare the daylights out of you.


This is one function Snap Me Up has that I really like: instead of having to always choose a time, you can set it for a nap for a duration of minutes. I quite regularly have a brief period of time available for a nap, but I am horrible at math so I waste good sleeping minutes trying to figure out what time to set the alarm for so I don’t miss something important.

As I mentioned, Snap Me Up is a free Android only app, available for download from the Play Store.

Source: Digital Trends

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