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In something out of a horrible dystopian movie, the people of Southington, Connecticut are running a drive where they will collect violent video games, music, and movies and destroy them. The “Violent Video Games Return Program” is a response to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

While I shouldn’t have to clarify that I think the link between video games (and music and movies) and incidents like this is complete hogwash, I do take some small comfort that the people of Southington are taking a broader look at all. Instead of simply saying that this media inspires violent acts, they’re instead condemning an entire culture of violence. While the effects that culture has on people is still debatable, it’s certainly a conversation to have.

Southington Superintendent of Schools Joe Eradi claims that the movement doesn’t necessarily condemn video games and things that it’s targeting, but rather encourages parents to talk to their children and evaluate the need for such things. Despite their apparent rationality with everything, I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with destroying media a la Fahrenheit 451.

Those who bring in video games to be destroyed will receive a $25 gift certificate, so if you live near Southington and have a game that’s diminished in value, maybe this is a way to get more for it than you would trading it in. Hopefully that gift certificate can be used to buy another violent video game.

via The Verge

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