It happens to everyone at some point: your shoes stink. It has nothing to do with being clean or dirty, and everything to do with how much you were sweating, how long you were wearing them, and a variety of other factors. But if you share a home with someone else, odds are good that when you got home and took them off you were at best treated to a dirty look, ridiculed and forced to keep your shoes out on the porch. If it was just smell, you might be able to live with it. But smell isn’t just odor, it’s bacteria that can cause diseases ranging from athlete’s foot to MRSA. Kind of makes you think twice about wearing your work boots or running shoes repeatedly, doesn’t it?

Unlike sprays, even those that claim to kill bacteria, the ShUVee contains no chemicals. Instead, it deodorizes and sanitizes your shoes using UV lights. It will kill up to 95% of the germs and bacteria that cause odor and disease…and it does it in less than an hour! The UV light will reach all the nooks and crannies that sprays might miss as well. The unit measures 14-3/4? H x 8-3/4? W x 13-3/4? D, and is suitable for pretty much any size shoe or boot regardless of style.

At $99.99 US the ShUVee by Kagan isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not exactly unreasonably priced either. Why not give it a try?

Source: Geek Alerts

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