I honestly cannot believe I just said that. The whole title, but in particular the word “selfie”. Yeah, I know, it’s the word of the year, but seriously… it’s one of those words that just makes me grit my teeth. What can I say? I’m old. Anyway, what we’re really here for is not to discuss my curmudgeonly ways, but to check out Shutterball. Let’s do that, shall we?

Shutterball is by no means a new concept, as people have been remotely triggering cameras so everyone can be included in the picture for decades. But it is a new concept when it comes to smartphones. Whereas normally a remote trigger pushes an actual button to snap a photo, Shutterball uses Bluetooth and a free app to tell your phone when to take one. Because it uses Bluetooth, you can be up to 60 feet away from your phone when you instruct it to capture an image. Which sounds neat, but unless you’re way better at taking pictures with your phone than I am, I can’t imagine that being a bonus. 3-6 feet would be plenty far enough away for me.

Anyway, it comes with a coin battery that is supposed to run for five years without needing to be replaced, although I’m sure your mileage will vary depending on how many pictures you use it to take. It’s also pretty small, so it’s easy enough to stow away when you don’t want to use it for those times when you do. It even has a loop so you can attach it to your keys, and it comes in four different colours: pink, blue, green and black. It’s compatible with Android 4.2.2 OS or newer and iOS 6.0 or newer, and you can make one yours for just $24.99 US.

Just imagine! No more goofy forced perspectives, no more hands disappearing off the edge of the screen, and, with any luck at all, no more unfortunate bathroom mirror pictures!

Source: Red Ferret

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