Wouldn’t it be great if you could shop for clothes without the need to try anything on. What if all you needed to do is simply enter your weight, height, waist size, age and hair color into the phone. You can even use the data provided by a 3D scanning apparatus if you happen to have access to one. A shopper’s dream come true and SONY Ericsson’s got the patent for it. Now when this will become reality is anyone’s guess.

After getting the info, you can then look for clothes with a coded identification tag that contains data such as item’s size, style, and color, and enter this code into the phone. It will then return a virtual image of you wearing the particular item you selected. As one phone can store several profiles, you can even shop for your children or your better half without the hassle of trying the clothes on directly. No more waiting for a change room.

What will SONY patent next?

Source: United States Patent Application #20070005174

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