Scythe Shows Off HUGE CPU Cooler at COMPUTEX 2007…and it WORKS!

Scythe USA has been putting out a bunch of great cooling products for quite some time. But when they unleashed this puppy, the staff at the booth were just as bewildered as we were when they first feasted their eyes on this thing. The aluminum finned/copper piped monstrosity is cooled by a huge 30 cm plus fan and covers nearly the whole motherboard.

It showed up in the booth setup crate for COMPUTEX 2007 in Taipei and no one knew what the heck it was till they read the instructions and installed it. They thought it was some demo piece that didn’t really work, but the thing seems to do a pretty good job afterall. The system it was in was even running benchmarks. The super long heatpipes and excessive size were completely overkill used to extend the company’s ePenis.

You definitely won’t ever see this on the shelves. At least not this size.

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