Some things feel like they never go on sale. I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation of an iPhone 8 discount any time soon. Sonos is another one of those brands where you'll rarely see a discount... until today. If you've been anxious to get into this smart speaker ecosystem (or you want to expand what you already have), you can save as much as $100 on some new Sonos speakers with the right promo codes.

If you make your way over to Amazon right now, you can save $50 on the Sonos Play:1 when you use the code SONOSPLAY1 and save $100 on the Sonos Play:5 when you use the code SONOSPLAY5 during the checkout process. That's a very considerable discount, knocking quite a bit more off the price than we think we've ever seen before.

Of course, Sonos has good reason for clearing out some of this stock, especially with the Play:1. They anticipate that more people will be interested in the new Sonos One with integrated Alexa, because everyone wants to have that smart speaker integration with their smart voice-based digital assistants. You will notice, though, that Sonos has updated the product images to put these speakers next to Echo Dot devices.

I totally understand the discount on the Play:1, but seeing the even bigger $100 discount on the Play:5 very much leads us to believe that a successor could be right around the corner too. Are they calling it the Sonos Five? Maybe. If you don't need those always-listening microphones though, this is about as good as it's going to get for the Sonos Play:1 and Play:5.

The one other caveat is that in order to take advantage of these promo codes, you will need to have an Alexa device tied in with your Amazon account. With the promo codes, you can land the Play:1 for $147 or the Play:5 for $399, while supplies last of course.

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