As the true hardcore Apple people anxiously await the arrival of a “real” Mac Pro some time in 2018, the biggest and baddest stop-gap measure is the iMac Pro. And this thing is already a beast with the top end model going for as much as a new car. But you still have to reach around the back if you want to plug anything in. The new Satechi Clamp Hub Pro beautifully overcomes that inevitably frustrating problem.

The new USB-C hub is designed specifically for the iMac Pro, but you could just as easily use it with a regular 21.5-inch 4K and 27-inch 5K iMac too. It’ll come in your choice of silver or space grey to match the color of iMac Pro you have. And, as its name indicates, the Clamp Hub Pro clamps to the bottom of the screen so you have easy access to all the ports.

Running from right to left, you get a single USB-C port for data, three USB 3.0 ports with support for up to 5Gbps transfer speeds, and both a regular SD and a microSD card reader for offloading all that 4K footage you’ll be editing on this beast of a rig. It plugs into your iMac via a single Thunderbolt 3 port. No drivers needed.

The new iMac Pro is completely sealed and not at all user upgradeable, but at least you can get easier access to your ports than having to look around and fumble around the back to plug in your external hard drives and USB flash drives. So far, MKBHD says he likes the iMac Pro and we can all see why.

The Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub Pro is available for purchase now on the Satechi website for $49.99. The site is showing that the hub ships in 1-2 days, but it won’t be available until “January 5th 2017.” I think they mean 2018. They’ve got to mean 2018, right?

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