Despite all the legal back-and-forth with Apple, and the loss of Apple as a major customer, Samsung’s semiconductor business unit continues to pound out ever greater devices for their future consumer smartphones and tablets.

First up is the announcement of the new Exynos 4212 chip which is a performance enhanced, dual-core ARM Cortex A9-based design aimed squarely at next-gen 3D gaming capable mobile handsets and tablets. This new chip will see performance bumps in speed and 30% lower power consumption over previous generation chips due to migration to Samsung’s 32nm process.

Next up was Samsung’s announcement of two new memory products: 64Gb NAND and 4Gb LPDDR3 (low power DDR3) DRAM. The new NAND devices are moving to Samsung’s state-of-the-art 20nm process which will quadruple the read/write performance over previous generation 30nm devices. The 4Gb LPDDR3 DRAM moves to a 30nm process and allows the modules to do memory transfers at 1,600 Mbps which is 1.5x faster than the 1,066 Mbps of previous generation LPDDR2. The new memory also provides a 20% power savings.

Finally a few new CMOS image sensors were also unveiled. A new 1.2 megapixel SoC sensor can be mated with a camera module that will be less than 3mm thick. On the high end, Samsung has announced the S5K8AA HD front facing sensor capable of 720p video at 30fps or VGA video at 60fps. A new 16 megapixel CMOS sensor was also announced for the main camera for smartphones, tablets and consumer digital cameras.

Samsung is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of ARM processors, memory and LCD/AMOLED display devices. Despite Samsung’s recent black-eye at the hands of Apple, they appear to have the last laugh when their next generation Android products ship in 2012.


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